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Cleaning Guide

We ask students to pay a deposit at the beginning of their tenancy. Students are sometimes surprised when we have to keep a portion of this deposit at the end of the tenancy, either because of damage to rooms or fixtures, or if we have to pay to have rooms cleaned because of their bad condition.

We would prefer rooms are left in the same condition they were when you arrived. This means we can return your entire deposit and it is less work for you and for us.

To help our students understand what we expect , we have provided these notes as a guide. They will help you to meet the terms and conditions of your tenancy and ensure the return of your deposit at the end of your tenancy period. (The guide can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF at the bottom of this page).

cleaning the kitchenThe kitchen

  • The cooker, including the oven should be clean and have all its attachments (particularly any grill pan provided).
  • The fridge/freezer should be empty of all food, the freezer defrosted and all shelves cleaned. It should be switched off and left with the door open. Don't forget to clean behind it.
  • All surfaces and the floor in the kitchen should be clean and stain free and the bins emptied and clean.
  • All the cupboards should be empty of goods and wiped clean.
  • All walls, windows and windowsills should be clean and stain free.
  • If crockery and cutlery has been provided, you should ensure any breakages are replaced.

vacuumingLounge, passageways and communal living areas

  • Lounge, passageways, communal areas should be vacuumed, cleaned and left stain-free.
  • All rubbish should be bagged and removed.

Externalblack rubbish bin bag

  • All rubbish should be removed. No rubbish should be left unbagged in the yard/garden/corridors/lane/sheds or storage areas.
  • Balconies/yard/garden should be cleared of rubbish and clean and tidy.

cleaning the bedroomBedrooms

  • Bedrooms should be vacuumed (including under/behind the bed and behind the wardrobe and in the drawers)
  • All personal possessions should be removed.
  • All posters and blu-tack or sellotape marks should be removed.
  • All rubbish should be removed.
  • All furniture that was in the room at the beginning of the tenancy should be there at the end.
  • The blinds and curtains should be hung properly on their hooks.
  • Paint work and windowsills should be wiped clean.
  • Wardrobes and chests should be empty and polished.

cleaning the bathroomBathroom and separate toilets

  • The toilet, sink and shower have been cleaned.
  • All others surfaces are clean, including the floor.
  • All toiletries have been removed and all bins emptied.

Included in this guide

Damage to the property includes breakages, burns and residue from smoking. Please note: a deep clean will be required if tenants have been smoking in the accommodation. For more information, please feel free to ask.


Looking After You

We strive to provide the best quality housing, facilities, and service to all our tenants year upon year. For that reason you'll find a number of differences between living in one of our houses and renting elsewhere in Swansea.


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